with React

Iași, Romȃnia

We’re looking for a Mid-level Frontend developer with React to join our team for Tranzy – MaaS (mobility as a service) platform enabling transportation companies to make public transport more efficient using #AI and cloud technology.

Your opportunity...

To be actively involved in the process of digitalizing the public transport in Romania and to give transport companies new opportunities to offer their customers integrated digital services along the service chain (search-plan-pay-inform) and optimize their own transport as well.

To be part of a team of data & machine-learning engineers and AI & technology specialists.


Software company focused on powering complex transit operations, vehicle planning and sheduling for better performance, high reliability and improved efficiancy in the mass-transportation field.

Frontend Developer RESP

Developing new user-facing features using React.js

Building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use

Translating designs and wireframes into high quality code

Optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable devices and browsers

Frontend Developer SKILLS

  • Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model


  • Thorough understanding of React.js and its core principles


  • Experience with popular React.js workflows (such as Flux or Redux)


  • Familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript


  • Experience with Redux or MobX


  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs


  • Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token


  • Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools


  • Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM etc.


  • Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements


  • Familiarity with code versioning tools (Ex. GIT)


  • Experience with Node js


  • Experience with databases like MySQL or no Sql databases like Mongo DB

Are you up for the challenge?